Creative Designs

Emails with captivating designs obtain a 20% higher click-through-rate than the normal humdrum email campaigns. Our team are experts at creating designs that are eye-catching and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

World-Class Web
Solutions for the
Pharmaceutical Industry

Crafted Email by SJ Innovation provides creative, hyper-responsive, and mobile-friendly email campaigns, landing pages, and web solutions that allow pharma brands to have a competitive advantage.

Fast and Responsive

Quick delivery and unsurpassed responsiveness are the keys to making sure your email campaigns are effective. Crafted Email utilizes world-class coding skills to ensure that every email is delivered rapidly and displays as intended on the recipient's screen, no matter what type of mobile device is used.

We Care About Our

With 24/7 customer support and best-in-class response times, we're here for you — always.

We Enable Your Favorite Tools

Our superb designers have experience with all of the leading email marketing tools (e.g., MailChimp, Eloqua, Veeva, etc.) to help you on your magical marketing journey.

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Why Do Well Crafted Emails Matter?

Despite social media platforms and other forms of digital marketing that have recently taken root, email campaigns are still one of the most effective marketing tools. The main reason is that emails differ in the sense that they end up in your target audience’s email inbox. This is more personal than scrolling through social media or seeing a paid advertisement. Therefore, when executed correctly, will resonate more with consumers and lead to higher conversions.


of email users are mobile-first

4 hrs

are spent on mobile devices daily


of users delete their emails if they find them inappropriate or unappealing


of email users are mobile-first

4 hrs

are spent on mobile devices daily


of users delete their emails if they find them inappropriate or unappealing

Our Clients

Testing Devices & Platforms

  • – iPhovne 7 (iOS 11.0)
  • – iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 11.0)
  • – iPhone 8 (iOS 11.0)
  • – iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 11.0)
  • – iPhone X (iOS 11.0.3)
  • – Android 4.4 (Android 4.4)
  • – Android 5.1 (Android 5.1)
  • – Android 6.0 (Android 6.0)
  • – (Chrome)
  • – (Explorer)
  • – (Firefox)
  • – Gmail (Chrome)
  • – Gmail (Explorer)
  • – Gmail (Firefox)
  • – Gmail App (iOS 10.3.2)

Results Driven Landing Pages

Pharmaceutical companies rely on strategic landing pages to convince visitors to take a specific actions. Crafted email specializes in clear and concise landing pages that leave your audience in awe.

Custom Landing Pages

The design of landing pages is how pharma companies build credibility in the industry. Crafted Email’s team of designers are experts at building landing pages that match your brand, meet your goals, and take into account data analytics.

Exceptional Visitor Experience

Landing pages are not effective if they will not load. A load time of more than a couple of seconds will cause visitors to go elsewhere. Visitor experience is a top priority for Crafted Email.

Changing Trends

Pharma market trends are constantly changing. This means that your website content needs to be just as dynamic. Crafted Email’s expertise provides an effective CMS that will allow your team to easily modify content and manage your company’s website.

Thriving in a Digital World

In this digital age, pharmaceutical companies rely on a strong online presence now more than ever. Brands live and die by how they are perceived online. Implementing state-of-the-art email campaigns, creating stellar landing pages, and utilizing an effective CMS will give you the tools you need to get out in front of the competition.

At Crafted Email, our team of expert designers, coders, and developers are dedicated to helping pharma companies strengthen their brand’s online presence and increase conversion rates through carefully designed email campaigns, landing pages, and more. We work with some of the largest names in the industry including Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson to deliver results that you can see. Contact us today for more information on how we can use our skills to take your company to the next level!